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Why should you work with us?

Full Digital Agency

The answer is simple: Everything we offer, we already do everyday at Pickar. This real life experience enables us to take our skills and creative input and implement it into the digital vision of your business.

UI/UX Design

Websites and App designs with a strong focus on usability based on our research.

Corporate Identity

No matter if you are rebranding or starting a new business venture.​

Graphic Design

Logos, Illustrations, Print Products or even a new typeface?

Digital Consulting ​​

Setting up development workflows and using project management tools to create more efficient development sprints in your company.

Web Development

Responsive websites including a content management system and hosting.

App Development

Developing iOS and Android Applications to boost or kickstart your business.


Optimizing your website in all the aspects factoring into great SEO performance.

Performance Marketing

Together we analyze your online marketing needs and strategically execute on them.​

Content Marketing

From researching the perfect content gaps to fill in your industry, to tracking and improving your content efforts.


Tired of stock photos? Let our team take care of creating amazing visual content, tailored to your needs.


Video beats everything. No matter if it is a image clip, presenting your business, or documenting case studies with your clients, we are there to capture the moment and handle the post-production.


Want to get you foot in the door with podcasting? We provide you with all around support. From laying out a podcasting strategy to setting up your equipment.

providing the best service

longterm support

When working on a project, it becomes, in part, our baby. And even after handing it over to you, we are always available to resolve technical issues and provide support along the way. After all, we wish nothing but the best for our babies.

count on us

The Dreamteam

From working together everyday, our project managers know all about everyones‘ skillset and thus know exactly who to assign to certain tasks. The chemistry within our team will be visible in your project. Nothing beats a skilled, ambitious and synchronized team.

at the pulse of time

Best Practices

At pickar we use the newest tech to ensure flawless experiences for our users. That same care translates into your business, when working with us.

Things you might ask yourself


Of course! We start off by strategically planning the entire project. During  this phase, we make sure to keep you in the loop at all times and provide you with the necessary information, to make important decisions connected to the outcome of our work.

When you know, that you need to change something about the way you do business online but can’t point out the problem yet, we are happy to find the root of the problem and solve it, together.

We calculate the amount of work and the resulting price of the service individually for every new  project. This means, that we are going to analyze your business or project free of charge and  present you with an offer, tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, we do! The quality of our provided services does not depend on the industry you are in. We make sure, that you use the available formats, outlets and mediums to your advantage, the setting in which we do that is secondary.

No matter what service you require, your success is always the centerpiece of our work and the overall goal. Wether that means building a website with your target group in mind or setting up a proper inbound marketing strategy  to attract new leads and turn them into customers, we will never lose your success out of sight.

Being founders ourselves, we  know the amount of work you are confronted with everyday. Creating Marketing and Sales strategies  while coding a website that is SEO optimized can be too much to ask at times. That is why we offer bundles, that set you up to take the business world by storm…at a fair price.

Having skilled full-stack developers and web designers on our team enables us to help you in most situations, even if you are only troubled by minor difficulties. We love to help, even on a smaller scale.

This is a tough one and we would like to quote Douglas Adams on this:



We strive to make our clients happy

Be happy, join them

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