We make even contemporary competitors look old.

With our horde of creators, innovators and doers, we offer comprehensive services for your digital success. You could also simply call us a full-service digital agency, but we are more …

UI/UX Design

Websites and apps should not only look good, but also be excellent in functionality. That’s why we put an equally strong focus on the user experience in the design of these applications.

Graphic Design

You need a logo, illustrations, advertising material or even a new font? No problem at all, at pickar studio we make even your wildest dreams come true. Okay, not all of them.

Corporate Identity

Whether rebranding or launching your new project, we create the perfect outward appearance with the right colors, typography and communication.

Web Development

Nowadays, you can build template websites yourself with Wix or GoDaddy. We create individual solutions and also take care of hosting and everything else.

App Development

Native apps for iOS and Android, hybrid apps, progressive web apps, smart TV apps – right Sherlock, our techies leave nothing to be desired when it comes to digital applications.

Online Marketing

We do search engine optimization and make noise with SEA, social media campaigns and crazy marketing stunts.

Digital Consulting

We consult you in digital matters, analyze the status quo, identify pain points and develop new strategies with you.


Tired of stock photos? Leave us to create unique, authentic stock photos that really fit the vibe of your business.


Whether it’s image clips or documenting case studies with your clients, we’re there to capture the moment and do the video editing.

Startup Teens Finale 2018 in Berlin Präsentation pickar

Out of passion

Cause we love it

Everything we do at pickar studio, we do for one reason: We love to break the rules, to set new standards and to create innovative digital solutions, through which we define together with you the world of tomorrow.

On the pulse of time

The latest shit

In the realization of projects we use the latest technologies without losing sight of reliability and above all your real needs. Because not everything that sounds “fancy” or “cutting edge” is necessarily the right thing for your project.

One family

Long-term support

When we work on a project with you, it becomes our common baby in a certain way. So even after the handover we are always available to answer your questions, work on updates and solve technical problems. After all, we wish our babies only the best.


Questions you might ask yourself.

Since we are founders ourselves, we know how much work you are confronted with every day. Creating marketing and sales strategies while programming an SEO-optimized website can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we naturally offer you packages with appropriate discounts that will allow you to take the business world by storm. At the end of the day, we are – even if we don’t like the term – a full-service digital agency …

Yes! If needed, we can set up a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit texts, images and other content without any previous knowledge. If you should be on the edge of your seat, you can always contact us and we will be there for you. However, if it’s about functional technical changes, we recommend you to let us handle it.

Our pricing is as individual as your project. It would be unprofessional and senseless to throw a number into the room at this point. Let us find out in a first conversation what exactly you have in mind and how we can help you. Of course, this conversation is free of charge for you – so what are you waiting for, click on the “contact” button and make an appointment! Based on this, we will then send you a non-binding offer for you.

When we start our collaboration, we don’t rush right into the actual project. Our first step is to get to know you and your business better. To understand what drives you every day and what is the vision of your business. This analysis is done through various guidelines and metrics that we have developed.

Of course! We are happy to rework existing applications, create new designs and build suitable infrastructures. Also complete rebrandings! You don’t have to worry about problems and errors during migrations. Everything will run smoothly. That’s a promise.

Sure! Knowing that a change must be made is the first important step. We look forward to working with you to determine exactly what your real challenges are and how we can master them.

Yes, we do. The quality of the services we offer does not depend on the industry in which you work. Even if we have not yet been active in your market. We love new challenges and will not rest until we have a deep understanding of your business!

This is a tough one and we would like to quote Douglas Adams on this: “42”

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