Zimmerei Höfle schlüsselfertige Holzhäuser Transporter in Diessen
Zimmerei Höfle Mitarbeiter beim Holzuschnitt mit Handkreissäge
Zimmerei Höfle Mitarbeiter Johannes Rattenhuber in Thaining

Holzbau höfle

In 30 years, the carpentry höfle has grown from a small craft business to an internationally active timber construction company with a comprehensive range of services. With its more than 30 employees, the traditional company stands for innovative and ecological construction and offers its customers complete planning and execution in all aspects of timber construction.

Project description

For the company’s new website, we snuck into production halls and construction sites with our camera equipment to capture authentic impressions of the work. In addition, we photographed completed construction projects and photographed all employees individually, for the team area of the website.


House building


Photography and Image Editing


3 days

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